Readiness for Kindergarten – How Does Happy/Sad Taste?

Valentine’s was earlier this week and began some posts on social and emotional learning activities with young children. Giving and sharing are social skills and just like any others need some practice. How do we feel when we get valentines? Kids need support as they learn about feelings and one way to do that is to label their emotions for them. Faces show feelings and emotions and learning to read faces is very important for social interactions and for kindergarten readiness. Besides making faces in a mirror, have some fun making faces in the kitchen!

I saw this post on SuperKids Nutrition Inc: “Make a happy face pizza with the kids! Get cooking together & make memories.” SuperKids suggested using corn tortillas or pitas. Bagels, buns or English muffins work, too. Spread on tomato sauce, add cheese hair and make eyes, noses, and mouths using olives, mushrooms, pepper slices, tomatoes or other yummies.

That idea inspired this one: fruit faces. We used oranges, bananas and strawberries but grapes, apples, and other fruits would work, too. Besides being happy faces can be sad, surprised, or mad. Here’s a picture of 2 fruity faces to give you and your child a creative appetite. Do you think the happy and sad face taste the same?


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