Space Fun #9: Space Art Activities for Kids

The possibilities for space art activities are like space: endless. From simple to complex, easy to challenging, there are ones to appeal to all kids.

What shape are planets? As far as we know, they are round. In pictures, planets are circles. A very special kind of paper is circles and it’s found right in the kitchen. Coffee filters. While they are only one shape, planets can be any color.

space art activities

Using markers, kids color all over the coffee filter planets. They can do just one or as many as they like. Fortunately, dollar stores have really big packs of filters at very reasonable prices. Once the planets are ready, it’s time for some art and science magic. Protecting the table or counter with an old towel is a good idea, especially before doing the next part.

What do scientists hope to find on planets? They look for water. With a squirt bottle, kids spray water on the planets. This makes the colors of the markers spread out and blend, changing colors in some places as the water and colors mix. When dry, these are colorful to hang up in a window. Since the filters are so light, a small piece of tape is usually enough.

Kids might want to name their planet. Are the colors different things on the planets? Water might not be blue on another planet, it could be red or purple. Plants might be pink or yellow instead of green. This could be either confusing or helpful for learning colors. Wouldn’t it be unusual if mud was a bright color instead of brown or grey?

Some planets might be all one color. Squirting with water creates different effects even with all the same color. Coloring and squirting is also a fun way to create aliens.

Not all children are particularly interested in art, even space art activities. Nor, do all kids like to draw and color. But a squirt bottle adds a whole lot more fun factor. Maybe this play-of-the-day is playnetary?


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