#10: Space Math Activities and Games – 3, 2, 1, Blast Off

Interest in space is universal (chuckle, chuckle) and space math activities and games are fun ways to explore the universe of numbers. We count the ways…

space math activities and games

Somewhere, young kids discover they can say a string of numbers, make explosive noises, and blast off in all directions at top speed. Arms together above head is optional. What could be more fun? At first, kids will not say all the numbers in the correct order but they have the idea. They may not know they are counting down seconds of time but certainly realize they are getting closer to the point of no more waiting.

outside math fun and learning activities for kids

Besides counting down, hopscotch is another way to blast off. To play hopscotch, kids or adults can draw a game with chalk on a sidewalk using the numbers 1 to 10. Kids can start at the 10 end and jump backwards. When they get to the 1 they can Blast Off and run all around. If using the driveway, be careful of cars.

space math activities and games

If you have some play numbers at home, kids may want to put them in a line and say them like a countdown. Little Sister isn’t yet matching up the name with the shape of the number but she liked putting them in a line on the floor. Last month, one of the transportation activities was zooming cars on a road made of alphabet letters. Parents and caregivers can print the numbers 1 to 10 on cards and write Blast Off on another one. Little hands may like to trace them once printed. Kids can put these in countdown order and use a rocket or space vehicle instead of a car and zoom it along the road, or more accurately, the flight path.

 space math activities and games

Experiences like these help kids understand how math works. Numbers are a series sort of like steps. Numbers can go in two directions, up or down, and take us closer or farther away. As an adult are you comfortable with math? Unfortunately, both kids and adults can develop math anxiety. Playing and having fun with numbers and math ideas is one way of helping kids feel comfortable and confident. Can your child blast off the day with some space math activities and games?


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