Adventures for Kids – Kids’ Programs, Preschool & Kindergarten Magic #10

Adventures for kids in early programs like playschool, daycare, preschool, and kindergarten is one parent’s wish. She remembers going places herself and wishes her kids could. Although she understands why it’s more complicated now than it was for her, it’s an understandable wish. We all have memories of places we were able to visit and things we got to do as kids. Some of them were once-in-a-lifetime special treats but many of them were ordinary, at least, adults would think so.

adventures for kids

What’s some adventures for kids you remember doing? I remember picking raspberries with my grandmother. I have no idea why this is so vivid but I remember the magic. We would tie buckets around our waists, pull on hats, and off we’d go. The raspberry rows were so long and she would remind me to “Pick the bush clean before you go to the next.” The smile in her voice was underneath her words as we worked together. This memory sits alongside an airplane trip with my grandfather to see the Midnight Sun. But they are both adventures.

connecting to nature picnic

Going out for breakfast can be special to a child, or staying at home and having a big spread for the whole family on a Saturday or Sunday morning. Eating outside is always fun but if you can’t, any meal can be a mini-adventure by putting a blanket on the floor and having a picnic.  Or, a real tea party using the play dishes. Turn an ordinary Friday night into a beach party, movie night, or pizza and popcorn feast.

The picnic in this photo happened on the sidewalk at the side of the house. It was great fun.

empty box pirate play

Adventures for kids can come in all shapes and sizes, including an empty appliance box with its big dimensions and possibilities. Set up inside or outside, the adventure is imaginary but no less magical. Vacations also have almost limitless possibilities for adventures and can be far away or close to home. Hiking is a wonderful adventure of discovery. Days at the beach or in the forest are treasures for kids while nights in a tent are better than ones in castles.

camping for kids

Farms are magical places, especially for kids in the city. Is there one your family or childcare program can visit? The fire station, police station, vet clinic, and local hospital often have available times for field trips or open houses. If the grocery store is quiet one morning and you have some extra time, ask the manager if it’s possible to show your child the giant fridges in the back. Imagine a refrigerator as big as a bedroom, that’s adventures for kids

With pressures on family budgets and, it’s all too easy to say that we can’t afford a holiday or an adventure. But we can make adventures for kids. Have a beach party right in the backyard, camp out in the living room, get groceries at a farmer’s market, invite an elderly neighbor over for tea. What kind of adventure be a play-of-the-day?

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