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How Does Color Taste Or At Home Fall Fair

This time of year, farmers’ markets have wonderful vegetables and fruits and many areas have Fall Fairs. We used some ordinary and unusual ones in an at-home fall fair and simple science experiment. We tried some and had a taste-test. Of course, which one tastes better depends on each person’s likes, but it’s a simple question and requires kids to compare. Comparing is an important thinking skill. It helps organize familiar and new information.Continue Reading

For Children, is Science Academics or is it Play?

How much science do you think children need to know before kindergarten? And why would it be important before starting school? Those are great questions, and if they answers aren’t exact, it makes for an interesting discussion. We usually assume that kids have some basic, general science knowledge. If they don’t know, we wonder if it’s because of a lack of experience or a possible indication of a learning challenge. Continue Reading

Outside Fun with Boats and Bathtubs

Kids love to play outside in the summer and so do grownups. Where we live, there is a super fun Maritime weekend, where the adults race bathtubs on the ocean. Since kids are not old enough for such a crazy activity, how about some fun and play building boats? The recycling bin at your house probably has dozens of items that could be used for making boats, such as styrofoam trays and containers, corks, plastic and metal lids, popsicle sticks, empty water bottles, etc. Lego and pasticine will also work to make boats, but the plasticine needs to get dried off so it doesn’t get gooey.Continue Reading

Summer I Spy Outside Fun and Learning

I Spy is one of the most adaptable games for playing with children. It can be played by any number of people, of any age, at anytime, and in any place. For today’s play-of-the-day, how about some I Spy fun and learning outside? Time outside is important for children to connect with the world around them. An “I Spy” activity can turn a walk into an adventure of exploration.Continue Reading

Summer Science Fun and Learning Outside with Tea

Summer fun and learning can be a cup of tea and this outside science is tasty for both kids and grownups.

When another day dawned bright and sunny, I asked Big Sister if we should make some iced tea. She thought this was a great idea and offered to help. I asked what she though we needed to use and, of course, said ice cubes and tea. Since we didn’t have any left-over or fresh tea to cool off with ice cubes, we needed to make some. Using a big, old glass jar, I filled it almost full of water and popped in a tea bag. Then I carried it out to the deck and put it on a table in the sun.Continue Reading

Summer Fun and Learning Outside for Kids: Water Play

Summer days are perfect for water play outside and any water spilled on clothes will quickly dry. Water play is not just fun, but also pours out lots of kindergarten readiness fun and learning. While there are tables specially made for water play, any big container will work such as a bin or big bowl.Continue Reading

Paper Airplane Fun and Learning for Kids

Outside play activities do not need to be elaborate to be fun for kids and they don’t need lots of equipment, either. What could be simpler than a paper airplane? Today, I heard about a major airport that had a paper airplane contest. Did  you know that many kids don’t know how to fold paperContinue Reading

Children Have a Need and Hunger to Explore

As parents and caregivers, we are also responsible for the raising of children’s minds. The ancient philosopher Plutarch said: “The mind is not a vessel to be filled but a fire to be kindled.” It might be that we had enough fire on the weekend–the wood got damp and the fire smoked more than burned,Continue Reading

What Makes Childhood Magical? Part 17: Magic aka Science

Kids CAN make their own magic! It’s called science… Kids are natural scientists, curious and wanting to know. Days spent figuring things out, trying, exploring, and asking questions are a big part of what makes childhood magical. I’m sure it’s no surprise to many parents that children ask more than 300 questions a day! AskingContinue Reading

Science Fun and Learning in the Kitchen

If you need to spend some time in the kitchen today, and want to keep an eye on kids at the same time, an ice cube can be a great toy. Not only are ice cubes great fun, but they help support early learning and development and kindergarten readiness, too. A few ice cubes inContinue Reading

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