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Kindergarten Readiness: Time and Clocks

Having an extra hour of sleep this weekend is needed after all the excitement of Halloween and it’s a good time to talk about time. Understanding time is not expected at this age–after all some adults struggle with time–but kids will have some general ideas for kindergarten readiness. Usually kids know that day is lightContinue Reading

Kindergarten Readiness Fall Activity #Ate: Making Applesauce

Cooking with kids can happen at any season and here is a kindergarten readiness fun and learning activity especially for fall time: making applesauce. Applesauce is a favorite for kids’ snacks but it doesn’t just come in packages, it’s easy to make at home. To make applesauce, cut 2 or 3 apples into smaller pieces,Continue Reading

Kindergarten Readiness: Fall Science Activity for Kids

This is fall fun and learning post #6, and here’s a few kindergarten readiness science tricks: checking to see if fall fruits and vegetables will float or sink. Children are natural scientists, they are always trying something to see what happens and they love to discover and explore. As adults, we forget how exciting manyContinue Reading

Pirate Fun Activities #25: Boats To Float

Kids are natural scientists exploring constantly so making some pirate boats that float is a voyage of discovery, fun, learning, and developing skills for kindergarten readiness and beyond. The recycling box at home holds a treasure of things to use, like styrofoam containers, corks, plastic and metal lids, popsicle sticks, etc. Include some treasures toContinue Reading

Pirate Fun Activities for Kids #18: Frozen Treasure

Pirates usually bury their treasure in sand or dirt but for an exciting change and even more kindergarten readiness fun and learning, try burying it in ice! This is especially good activity for a hot day. To make the treasure cubes, let your child find some small items to be treasures and arrange them inContinue Reading

Pirate Fun Activities for Kids #5: Science

Pirates need to know some science, especially what can float and what will sink. Playing with water is great kindergarten readiness fun and learning for kids and pirates. Exploring what floats and what sinks will happen as kids play with a variety of items. Your pirate’s ocean can be a water table, bin of water,Continue Reading

Summer Fun, Kids of All Ages, and Float or Sink

Kids and fun are a winning combination for summer, but kids can be any age, can’t they? On the weekend, there was a silly boat regatta which was tremendous fun for everybody. Even grownups need to play, which they did as they created boats out of some very silly materials, then raced them on theContinue Reading

Summer Fun, Kindergarten Readiness & Paper Airplanes

During the summer, most communities have festivals and other fun events; many of these are for kids with a learning component as well as fun. Sometimes, these activities will also support skills that help children with kindergarten readiness. Just today, I heard of a new one, a paper airplane festival that will last 3 days.Continue Reading

Summer Fun and Learning in a Tasty Treat

Popsicles are a favorite summer treat and making a batch can be fun and learning (and support kindergarten readiness) at the same time. Thank you so much to the artsy momma, Dot Falcon, at Busted Button who posted these on her FB page today. These popsicles use 3 ingredients: blueberries, strawberries and coconut milk. KidsContinue Reading

Gardening With Kids #7: Fun for the Senses

Sensory play, an important activity for children’s development, contributes to learning and kindergarten readiness, and time in the garden will stimulate all the senses. In a garden so many activities are touchy-feely. Hands get to dig in the soil, play with mud, find rocks, feel slippery earthworms and fuzzy caterpillars, and oh so gently touchContinue Reading

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