All About Me book

Kindergarten Readiness – Simple Measuring

For most of the month of November, the learning activities have been all about getting to know you and doing a little book with kids called “All About Me”. For kids, talking and learning about themselves as individuals, helps them develop their self-confidence and boosts their self-esteem. Plus the language and other skills promote kindergarten readiness. This … Continue reading Kindergarten Readiness – Simple Measuring

Kindergarten Readiness – Footwork

No matter if you have been following along, or just joined, you are off on the right foot. For the previous 4 blogs, we’ve been encouraging kindergarten readiness by helping kids create their very own All About Mebook, from head to toe. Any predictions for today’s quick project? (predicting is a problem-solving, reading and kindergarten … Continue reading Kindergarten Readiness – Footwork

Kindergarten Readiness – Child’s First Book

Yesterday, being at the start of Know..vember, kids started their very own getting to know book called All About Me. The first page was your child’s drawing of him or herself. Today’s page starts with a look in the mirror and you can combine this activity with getting ready to go somewhere. Have your child … Continue reading Kindergarten Readiness – Child’s First Book

Kindergarten Readiness – Know..vember

November is a No month, (no sun, no picnics, no camping…see yesterday’s blog). But it is a good time for a “know” month.  Getting to know you, that is. For the month of November, we’ll explore some activities that help kids to learn about themselves and others, too. Social skills and knowledge are more than an … Continue reading Kindergarten Readiness – Know..vember