indoor play

Winter Fun and Play Activities on Inside Days for Kids

Some days in the winter getting outside is just not an option but inside days can get very long. Time to get creative and have fun. Here a few ideas to ward off cabin fever:

  • indoor winter play activitiesBeach party: Blow up a beach ball, spread out the beach towels, and stretch out. Instead of making a castle with sand, make one with blocks, or even empty cereal, tissue, and small food boxes. Fill up a plastic pail with ‘pretend sand’ like dinosaurs, LEGO, or other little toys. Dump it out and play with the ‘sand’.
  • indoor winter play activitiesGo Camping: Find some blankets and make an inside tent or GORF, that is a Good Ol’ Reliable Fort. Kids can sit around a wrapping paper campfire and sing songs or tell ghost stories. A large sheet spread over a table and hanging down over the edges is another option or a play tent. Also a cozy place for a nap.
  • indoor winter play activitiesSandbox: A sandbox can be made with some kinetic sand in a large plastic container or baking pan. Use small molds, measuring spoons, chopsticks, spoons, forks, and other small tools. Spread some newspaper underneath to catch any spills. return sand to pan, and make clean-up super easy.
  • indoor winter play activitiesBathtub pool: Turn the bathtub into a pool. Kids put on swimsuits and play in the tub. Dry off with a beach towel. With some planning earlier, you can dig out the popsicle molds and pour in juice or smoothie, then put outside to freeze. Or, dish up some ice cream cones. Kids can eat these in the tub and wash off any drips.
  • indoor winter play activitiesSnowballs: Round up any holey, orphan, or too small socks. Roll the socks into snowballs. Kids can color a big paper target and set it up on a closed door. You may not even need tape if the paper is wide enough to fold across the door. Hallways work great for this. Kids can throw the snowballs at the door with or without the target, then run down the hallway and do it again.

These activities will warm up the fun inside and keep kids and grownups from developing the cooped up, cranky feeling of cabin fever. Any other ideas for fun on an inside winter day?