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Paper Makes A Snowflake

How often have you made paper snowflakes? The magic of making snowflakes out of ordinary paper never gets old, for kids or grownups.

To make a paper snowflake, very light tissue paper works best for little hands. Start with a square and fold it in half and then half again. If the paper is thin enough, it can be folded once more and kids can still cut. Today, Little Sister got to discover how this works. She wasn’t very interested in cutting out pieces, just making a few cuts along the edges. Because the paper was so thin, some bits came out from that and Big Sister helped to cut out a few more pieces. Little Sister was surprised when the paper was unfolded to see a snowflake and promptly declared “Beautiful.” She floated the snowflake around the room and then tucked it under a blanket on the sofa for a nap.

Somewhere there must be a metaphor for how it’s the holes in the paper that transforms it into a work of art. Nothing is added, it’s only taken away. The magic comes from the empty spaces.

However it works, cutting a paper snowflake is a winter activity that can be done by kids of various ages. Scissors are a particularly tricky learning tool to handle and need lots of practice. Cutting play dough is very much easier than cutting even thin paper, but fortunately,  there are no lines to follow with snowflakes. As long as the cuts do not go all the way through to the other side, the paper will stay in one piece.

Real snowflakes are white, but kids can cut any color of paper. If you use paper than it is a little thicker, kids can decorate it with crayons, markers, or paint. A few dabs of glitter glue will make for sparkles that dance in the sun. Careful though–can paper snowflakes turn into real snow?

White Play Dough for Inside Snowball Fun

If it’s too cold to make snowballs or there’s not enough snow, kids can still make some with white play dough for winter fun inside the house. You can mix up a batch using your favorite recipe. It’s quick and easy to roll the play dough into a giant snowball but kids can make little ones and try and pick them up with salad tongs. They can also play with all their other cutters and molds. Maybe we could say that learning and fun are on a roll?Continue Reading

Winter Fun and Play Activities on Inside Days for Kids

Some days in the winter getting outside is just not an option but inside days can get very long. Time to get creative and have fun. Here a few ideas to ward off cabin fever: Beach party, Go Camping-find some blankets and make an inside tent, Sandbox-kinetic sand in a large plastic container, Bathtub Pool-turn the bathtub into a pool, and Snowballs-throw sock snowballs. Any other ideas for fun on an inside winter day?Continue Reading

Why Did the Snowman Cross the Road – Winter Jokes for Kids

One of the best ways to warm up a cold winter day is with some laughter and these winter jokes for kids will brighten up any grey. A sense of humor develops with experiences and it needs some complicated thinking skills. Understanding a joke is even more complex because kids have to carefully listen to all the words and how meanings of words can be unusual. Kids love to laugh. What are some other winter jokes for kids?Continue Reading

Winter Scavenger Hunt for Young Children

Winter is very different depending on where you live but a scavenger hunt is fun and doable for young kids in almost any weather. Instead of a list for this nature activity, here is a chart using pictures. Some items may be tricky for your area. Kids can suggest something else and draw another picture instead. Happy hunting!!Continue Reading

10 New Year’s Resolutions with Young Children: #1-Outside

The more fun a resolution, the easier it is to keep and what could be more fun for kids than 15 minutes of adventure? A cool place for an adventure is outside, especially at this time of the year! One of the obvious ones is to go for a walk. Some other activities could be a picnic outside, even in the winter, or playing a game like I Spy or Follow the Leader. There are often nature treasures, like sticks, pine cones, and rocks. Fifteen minutes of outside time–Fifteen Minutes Outside: 365 Ways to Get Out of the House and Connect with Your Kids, by Rebecca Cohen–could be a new year’s resolution for any family. How about yours?Continue Reading

Abracadabra: Change Paper into Snowflakes

Did you ever fold and cut paper into snowflakes? Making paper snowflakes does seem magical and the activity has lots of kindergarten readiness learning and fun. Paper has been around for more than 2,000 years; I wonder how soon people began cutting holes in paper to make snowflakes. And how many generations have been doingContinue Reading

Winter Outside Time Whatever the Weather

Not everywhere has winter weather for snow fun, but everywhere will be having weather. Playing outside supports the healthy development of both bodies and brains, and kindergarten readiness. There are countless funny stories about getting kids dressed to go outside and play in the winter time only to have them need to go to theContinue Reading

Kindergarten Readiness: I Spy Something White

Supporting your child to develop important thinking skills and strategies for kindergarten readiness does not mean turning your house into a private school. This can be done while you are doing other things at home or on the go. One valuable learning activity is helping your child learn colors. Did you know that asking aContinue Reading

Kindergarten Readiness: Rhymes with Snow

Supporting your child to learn skills and strategies for kindergarten readiness can be done with fun, simple activities, such as rhyming words. In the winter, there’s a chance of snow. What words rhyme with snow? Being able to rhyme words is a skill that develops about the age of 4, but in the meantime kidsContinue Reading

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