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Kindergarten Readiness Countdown to Christmas

Christmas-calDid you know that setting up an advent calendar for counting the days to Christmas helps your child with kindergarten readiness? For children to develop their number sense they need lots of experiences with numbers.

Calendars are one way to practice seeing the numbers and saying them. It takes a great deal of repetition for children to be able to match the two accurately. A calendar show the number on the date increasing, but at the same time the number of days to wait are decreasing. This is a much harder math idea for older kids.

Calendars are also connected to time. There’s a new number only once a day, helping kids learn the idea of the length of a day. Your idea might be that the day is much longer for you than your child!

To increase the fun and learning, let your child play with some big foam numbers. Older children may be able to place them in order, while for younger ones, just putting the numbers all in a line is fun enough.

Are there some other ways to have fun with numbers today?

Readiness for Kindergarten – A Tent for Number Ten

As children play and discover with numbers, they build all kinds of brain connections. These connections are important for number sense and readiness for kindergarten. The key words are play and discovery. We had a very rainy day this week, too wet even for boots and umbrellas. It was an inside day all day long,Continue Reading

Kindergarten Readiness – A Bottle of Nine, Learning Vintage

So glad I saw this post at The Green Classroom about not throwing away plastic bottles. The idea is just right for some learning and readiness for kindergarten fun about the number 9. Using an empty water bottle, find 9 objects that will fit inside but aren’t too small to get buried in the filling.Continue Reading

Readiness for Kindergarten – Yummy Fun with 8

Now this is exploring numbers!! and when someone asks you what happened to 8, you just say you 8 it up!! Just found this yummy learning and kindergarten readiness activity on Deborah’s TeachPreschool blog using M & M’s. http://www.teachpreschool.org/2012/01/exploring-mm-math-concepts-in-preschool/ Using a bowl of small things like Cheerios, fishy crackers, Shreddies and M & M’s letContinue Reading

Readiness for Kindergarten – The Magic of 7

Why was the number 6 afraid of the number 7? Because 7 ate(8) 9! While 7 isn’t a scary number, it does seem to be different from the others. It’s easy to work and play with smaller numbers and hands have a number 5 built right in. Dice, basic colors, small egg cartons and other thingsContinue Reading

Readiness for Kindergarten – Learning That Stix with Six

I knew I had a couple of empty egg cartons but I couldn’t find them earlier today. I saw this handy hint of using them to hold breakable Christmas decorations so they are already stored away. Luckily I found something else to use for number 6–a muffin baking pan–for this learning and kindergarten readiness idea. Exploring numbersContinue Reading

Readiness for Kindergarten – 4 Gr8 Learning

Learning about numbers doesn’t start with printable worksheets; it starts with exploring numbers in play and using them at home. These experiences all contribute to children’s number sense (and readiness for kindergarten) which grows and develops just like kids do. What are some fun activities for the number 4? Cars, trucks and lots of trainContinue Reading

Readiness for Kindergarten – 1 2 3 Go, Play, Learn

1,2,3…Go! While many children can say the number 3, they also need to build in their mind an idea of “threeness”. To do this, kids need lots and lots of experiences with 3. Over time, they create a mental image of how much is 3, linking how many to the number word. This basic understandingContinue Reading

Readiness for Kindergarten – 2 Times the Number Fun

Each day will have untapped opportunities for learning activities. From first thing in the morning until bedtime here are some ways to build and reinforce your child’s understanding of the number 2 (and promote readiness for kindergarten later on). Some will be more appropriate for younger toddlers and some more appealing to older kids. Getting dressed, you canContinue Reading

Readiness for Kindergarten – Fun Activities With Number 1

Children need to develop a basic number sense. While lots of experiences with numbers is important, for some kids developing number sense is easier than for others. This may be related to learning styles. Following are some fun activities with the number 1 that appeal to different learning preferences and will help with basic numberContinue Reading

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