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Super Bowl and Super Ways to Play

It’s almost Super Bowl Sunday. How about some Super ways to Play? Here are 1,2,3 plays-of-the-day for some fun inside or outside.

superbowl-file0002112144087It’s almost Super Bowl Sunday. How about some Super ways to Play? Here are 1,2,3 plays-of-the-day for some fun inside or outside. Kids might have some ideas, like a bowl that is never empty, or that washes and dries itself, or gets really big if somebody is super hungry. There are lots of words that we use different ways. Last week, a kindergarten teacher told her kids she had to go out for recess too because she had supervision. One little boy’s eyes opened wide and he whispered “You do?” She told him all the teachers had a turn to supervise the kids. His astonished look faded and he said “Oh, I thought you meant you had Super Vision.” Riddles and rhymes are fun plays on words too.

super-hero-playAnother way to play is Super Hero play. All kids like to imagine they have super powers, especially the power to fly. An old t-shirt, towel, or scarf can make a wonderful cape. Instead of tying a knot, the fabric can be scrunched up and held closed with an elastic band. Super heros can be either gender and get exercise for bodies and minds, as they move in space and solve problems.

A super play that you can do every day is to read and share books and stories. Learning to read is the Super Bowl Challenge for kids and kids who have been read to at home start with an advantage. If one book is one yard, families that read to kids several times a week give them about 5,000 yards by the starting whistle–or school bell. Books are a key play, like this one by Brad Herzog and Doug Bowles.

Play is super and is kids’ favorite way to learn. Is there some super play happening at your house?

Kids Connect to Sports, Sports Connect to Super Bowl

Kids connect to sports, sports connect to the Super Bowl and to one child in particular. If you have been watching trending videos this week, you may have seen the one about the 12 year old boy with a heart condition that means contact sports could be life-threatening for him. But he loves football andContinue Reading

Readiness for Kindergarten – Super Bowl Learning For Kids

Yes, even the Super Bowl can help kids with learning (and kindergarten readiness). Last spring, I wrote several blog posts about what kids can learn from hockey and much of it is the same. Following is a list of some learning opportunities with football: numbers: Kids can learn numbers from player jerseys. colors: team colorsContinue Reading

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