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Best Way to Spend Valentine’s Day: Together

What is the best way to spend Valentine’s Day? That’s easy to answer. The best way is together and there are lots of ways to do just that!

valentine pancake for kidsFamilies will have different ways to enjoy Valentine’s Day. It might start with a special breakfast at home or somewhere else. That could be the appetizer followed by an adventure as the main course. How about going skating or swimming? Some families might have to shovel the driveway—again!—while others mow the lawn. For a treat, add a few cinnamon hearts to the hot chocolate or some heart-shaped ice cubes to the lemonade.

valentine nature fun with kidsA double feature could be spending time together and spending time in nature. How about a hike or play in the yard or park? That could happen in just about any weather except stormy as long as everyone is dressed for it. Valentine picnic anyone?

valentine's day fun with kidsMaking and leaving Valentine’s for each other is a great way to have fun. Got any heart-shaped sticky notes? Or, grownup hands can cut out some hearts and little hands can color them. When kids help with chores, like making the bed or unloading the dishwasher, they can leave a little heart.

valentine's day fun with kidsPlay time might be building with blocks, setting up the train, cuddling dolls and stuffies, or dressing up with articles in the tickle trunk. Can you make a blanket fort big enough for the whole family? Take some chalk and color some hearts on the sidewalks for the different people in the neighborhood.

the-together-bookAnd now for dessert. There are wonderful books and stories to read and share together, like Sesame Street The Together Book, or maybe make some popcorn, snuggle on the sofa, and watch a movie. Memories and special events for kids do not have to expensive or elaborate. Eating, playing, and even working together are highlights for them. What will you and your family do together for Valentine’s Day?

Valentine’s, Special Treats, Learning Styles, Love Languages

Valentine’s, special treats, learning styles, and love languages? These all connected as the family talked about what to cook up for Valentine’s Day. Valentine’s day has a message of love. Some valentines we can eat. There’s lot of discussion about how some of us are auditory or visual or kinesthetic. Not only do we have learning styles, we also have a loving style or love language. These are different ways to tell kids that we love them and kids, like adults, will respond to all of these ways but have a preference, a sort of expressway to the heart. Making a special snack would be service. Continue Reading

Valentine Math Fun and Games with Cards

An ordinary deck of playing cards can be fun for kids of different ages and used in a variety of ways for some math fun and games for Valentines, such as sorting into colors and suits. Kids can make a number line and play games with pairs. Besides math, kids are also using lots of social skills such as taking turns, waiting for the other people, and sharing, all things that hearts need to know. Do you have a deck of cards for some fun with your little valentines?Continue Reading

Valentine Science Fun with Frozen Magnets

Valentines is about friendship and magnets really like certain metals. For valentines, how about a magnet and science play-of-the-day? Since February is still winter in many places, these magnets are frozen in ice. This science fun used ice, magnets, and miscellaneous objects from around the house and the toy box. Some of the magnets were right near the side or the middle at the bottom…some magnets in the center. Will they still work? Does the ice make any difference?Continue Reading

5 Valentines for the Earth for Preschoolers

As we get closer to Valentine’s Day, here are 5 ways that toddlers, preschoolers, and even kindergarten kids can give a Valentine to the Earth. After all, the planet could certainly use some love: help take bottles back to the recyclers, turning out the light, walk or take the bus….Spend some time playing outside. As children take care of the planet and play outside, they are developing a relationship with nature that is life long.Continue Reading

Celebrate Valentine’s with Your Story

Today’s play-of-the-day starts with a question. Are you telling your own stories to your children? Think of these stories are a sort of oral valentine. Stories not only help brains, they also help hearts. When we share our stories with our own children, this creates a different kind of connection. With stories we can share our memories of other family members that our children may never had had the chance to meet. This creates links for our kids with the past. Valentine’s Day is about hearts and sharing our stories is another way to celebrate.Continue Reading

Wear Red Day for Healthy and Happy Hearts

Wear Red Day happens in February just before Valentine’s and it reminds us to keep our hearts healthy. Healthy living starts when children are young. For some heart fun today, besides wearing red, help children find their heart with their hands and try to feel it beating. In the book “Hear Your Heart” by Paul Showers, kids make a homemade stethoscope with just a paper roll or cardboard tube. Besides healthy, hearts also need to be happy. Valentine’s is a special celebration for caring and sharing with others. That helps hearts feel good.Continue Reading

Valentines and Dinosaurs

This play-of-the-day combines 3 ingredients, a book, movin’ and groovin’, and dinosaurs; what an awesome combination for kids and valentine fun. While dinosaurs may not have had big hearts for feelings, this story will warm hearts, and minds, and bodies. Sharing books boosts language and reading. This story also helps kids understand emotions in themselves and others. The movement fun is just a warm up for more exercise for kids. Would you agree there are lots of reasons why this book is dino-mite?Continue Reading

Valentine Pink Slime for Sensory Play

Since we just made some white play dough for winter fun last week, we tried some slime this week and colored it pink for Valentine’s. It makes itself from 3 simple ingredients. Slime has a different texture from play dough. The rolling, patting, cutting, and other actions help to strengthen the small muscles and fine motor skills. Slime also encourages concentration and problem solving and sensory stimulation. For a play-of-the-day, would your child enjoy some time with Slime?Continue Reading

Helping Children Make Friends

Young children do not view friendship the way that older children and adults too but they are making important and meaningful connections with others. Making friends and figuring out how to be a friend is a challenging learning process for kids. February is Valentine month when love and friendship get extra attention. So that you have lots of time to sing before Valentines, here is a song that can help kids learn friend behaviors…Continue Reading

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