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Readiness for Kindergarten – Camping is for Taking Turns

When it comes to readiness for kindergarten and social skills, 2 of the most important for little ones to learn are sharing and taking turns. Yesterday, I blogged about some ways to practice sharing when camping. Today’s focus is learning to take turns. Camping has lots of opportunities to practice this. Before the day even starts, in small tents and campers, people may need to take turns getting up. Then, there is the issue of the limited bathroom facilities. Meal times may need everyone to take turns because of small stoves, help needed around the campfire, more sitters than chairs, etc. Campers need to take turns helping with chores such as dishes, sweeping out the trailer, bringing water, and more.

Being able to take turns is important for group situations such as playdates, preschool, and such unstructured time as playground fun. Taking turns has even been the subject of research, and not just for children. One study (Schoenhof, et al, 2006) investigated how adults take turns in a traffic congestion game.  Another paper states that “… it serves as a prototype for more general forms of reciprocity.” (Vanderschaaf and Skyrms, 2001) I think, possibly, this means that taking turns is the basis for give and take in relationships. We all experience these situations on an everyday basis. For  little ones, being able to share and take turns will help for more than kindergarten readiness. Now, if the rain would let the sun take a turn, camping would be a lot more fun.

Kindergarten Readiness – Lessons from Chile

Watching the live footage of the rescue of the miners in Chile was tremendously  powerful. I was riveted to the screen as I watched each person take his turn in the rescue capsule. The information also included a few details about the order of those turns–who would go first, who would be second and so onContinue Reading

Kindergarten Readiness – Lessons from Atlantis

On my way to work yesterday, I caught part of a radio interview with astronauts Robert Thirsk and Frank de Winne. They were talking about their previous mission on the Space Shuttle Atlantis just before its scheduled lift off. The interviewer asked about 6 people living in a confined space for 6 months. Robert Thirsk advisedContinue Reading

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