Readiness and Developmental Milestones for Kids Starting Kindergarten

Getting Ready to Start Kindergarten and Preschool

Do you have a child starting kindergarten or school soon and lots of questions about readiness and developmental milestones? Here are some basics for kids to know that will help on their new learning journey.

As a kindergarten teacher, these are my answers to many parent and caregiver questions about what kids need to know. So often, we think of school as being an academic place, but it is so much more. For kids to feel comfortable and confident in this new world, they need a foundation of being able to take care of some basic needs and being able to connect with others. Sometimes, readiness is a ‘bad-word’ but really, we help kids be ready for things like a play-date, a sleep-over with a cousin, a visit to the doctor or dentist, a special trip or vacation and so much more. So, some readiness for kindergarten or preschool can help too.

For some further information to your questions and concerns, check out this link:

Best of luck and wishing you an exciting start to school!

readiness for preschool and kindergarten for young children



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