Barbara Allisen, author of 123 Kindergarten

Hello, my name is Barbara Allisen and I am a kindergarten teacher, parent, and author of “1 2 3 Kindergarten, Everything your child needs to learn before kindergarten”.  I’m sure it’s no surprise for you to hear that children who are ready for school by the time they start kindergarten do better in every grade and have a greater chance of finishing high school and going on to college.

Think of two hikers: One who just starts off one day and another who is prepared with a backpack, snacks, clothes, a map, has scouted out the terrain beforehand, and has practiced hiking.

While both of them may have the same destination one of them has a much greater chance of arriving and likely a very much more enjoyable journey along the way.

It’s the same for children and the best time to start that preparation is ages 0 to 5. If you are a parent or caregiver with questions and concerns about getting your child ready for kindergarten, please, fill out the information in the box and click to receive a free developmental checklist and tips and ideas for things that you can do at home.

Each day I post on the blog an activity that you can do at home or at your center too. I’m here to help to help you maximize your child’s potential… One two three kindergarten!