Kindergarten Readiness Fun & Learning Fall Activity #2

Instead of one fish, two fish, red fish, blue fish how about one leaf, two leaves, red leaf, blue leaf for a fun fall kindergarten readiness learning activity? This post has been inspired from reading the fun book One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish by Dr. Seuss. And the activity? Going out to look for a blue leaf.

fall nature activities for kidsLeaves change color in the fall. Did you know that learning colors is pretty complicated for young thinkers? In order to learn even one color, kids have to see many, many items of that color and hear the name at the same time. Yellow is a good color for fall, so just think of all the variations there are of yellow: butter, fall leaves, bananas, lemons, grapefruit, egg yolks, and the sun. Plus, kids have to learn that all the other colors are not yellow. Each color group will have countless objects that are that color and there are endless shades, tones, and hues for them all. What a huge amount of information for the brain to sort out just to learn color! More than this giant pile of yellow leaves.

fall activities for kidsWhether kids get the joke or not that there is no such thing as a blue leaf, they like to look for leaves. We can talk to them about the colors, the sizes, and the shapes. Are there some big leaves? Any small ones? How about the colors, are they the same or different? Some leaves are almost round like a circle and some are very pointy. Count the leaves too for some practice with numbers. Bring some home and “leaf” a few between two pieces of sticky contact paper.

While kids won’t find a blue leaf, they will have fun looking for one. They’ll also pick up leaves, throw them in the air, and watch them fall. They’ll have the opportunity to use words for color, shape, size, and number, and will possibly learn some new ones. The experience will definitely be hands-on and, come to think of it, can’t it only go from the ground up?

Reading about Fall: Fun, Learning & Kindergarten Readiness

importance of reading to childrenDo you think that “downloading” a library of children’s books onto your child’s “brain-hard-drive” would help for language fluency and later learning to read? That would be awesome if it could be done. Well, it can be and done easily too! By reading a few books a day to your child, a few days a week, that quickly adds up to about 25 in a week, and 100 in a month. Over a year that’s more than 1,000 books, and by the time your child starts kindergarten, more than 5,000. And that’s a library just by sharing books and stories with your child regularly and often.

Since the fall season is just starting, it’s the perfect time to share some books about fall. While libraries have wonderful children’s books about fall, so may the grocery store. But libraries lend books for free. Garage sales and second-hand stores are also great places to find books at much less the price. During just a quick check on-line, I found more than a thousand books for kids on fall and autumn.

fall activities for kidsAs you read a story about fall to your child, try to talk about how some things in the book are just like what’s happening in your area right now. This makes the connection between information in a book and real experiences. Some things will be the same; are some different? This helps kids be involved in the book in an active vs passive manner. After reading about fall, you and your child may want to make your own story about the season. Are there some favorite books for fall at your house? Any recommendations and suggestions for falling into a good book and other fall activities?

Kindergarten Readiness Connects to Fall and Nature

Kindergarten readiness fun and learning can connect to any season for just about any reason. Since today is the first day of fall, it’s a perfect time for a fall play-of-the-day. Depending on the weather where you are, it could be sunny and hot, or rainy and cold. Hmm, I think we had both sunny and rainy, hot and cold all day long yesterday, like the weather couldn’t make up it’s mind what season to be.

Whenever the seasons change, one of the activities I like to do with kids, is to go outside and see what might be happening. Kids seem to notice details that grownups wouldn’t see, so just a short, simple walk around the block can be quite an amazing journey of discovery and adventure.

This year’s fall walk started out before we even got out of bed, with a thunderstorm in the middle of the night. Arriving after several days of record-breaking temperatures for this time of year it was quite a change. Most of the leaves are still green, except for a beautiful display of red on these little trees. Where we live, the hot summer makes the lawns a dry brown and the cool fall rains turns them back to green. But the flowers are gone and the weeds are tall. The blackberries are dried up too and the helicopter seeds have flown away. The kidlet eyes spotted these puddles and some very big leaves.

Seasonal changes can be big or very small, and sometimes it’s about the things we don’t see as much as what we do. We didn’t see butterflies or bugs. And soon we won’t see any leaves either. As kids look and see, they are developing their observation skills and building their knowledge about their environment. Best of all, they are connecting to nature. What are the signs of fall on your walk around the neighborhood?

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