pirate activities

Pirate Activities for Kids! Early Childhood Educator Mrs.A’s pirate themes crafts & activities. Fun for kids & toddlers alike!

Kindergarten Readiness – Pirates for Learning

Each summer, our community hosts an international race of bathtubs! These were started by a former mayor who used to dress up as a pirate, Black Frank. Pirates are such fun for kids andthey can be used to promote all kinds of learning. The Usborne book That’s not my pirate is fun for wee little ones and older pirates, too. Little toddlers love the simple text and textures on each page. Older kids enjoy the vocabulary and predictability. A fun activity is to make a texture page. Find small bits of different textures such as a smooth ribbon, a bit of sandpaper, fuzzy fabric, a bit of bumpy cardboard, a small sponge, a soft feather,  etc. If appropriate, glue some of these bits on to a big paper or just put them in a little box for feeling. Have your child close his/her eyes and feel one of the textures. Without peeking, which one is it? Not only does this activity work on vocabulary and other language skills, it also helps develop the sense of touch. A small box of safe things to feel can also be used when travelling or waiting to keep a little one occupied for a few minutes. Now, that’s a treasure for parents and caregivers. What do your pirates enjoy?