Dancing Buttons Fairy Water Science Experiment – Fairy Activities #18

This dancing buttons fairy water science experiment is a twist on the popular dancing raisins activity. It’s fun to try something a little different.fairy water science experiment for kids

Raisins dance up and down in clear soda pop. We’re used to seeing things sink in water or float, but not usually both. The bubbles in the soda carry the raisins up. When the bubbles all pop, the raisins sink back down. We called the soda pop fairy water and tried some different items.Halloween science for kids

There were some shiny sequin shapes left-over from our fairy play dough fun. First, we had to check if they would sink in plain, ordinary tap water. When we placed them flat on the water in a jar, they floated but when we dropped them in sideways they would sink and stay on the bottom. Now that we knew they would float, we were ready to try them in the fairy water. Big Brother and Little Sister said they would float. Big Sister said they would do both. Baby Brother was napping and didn’t express his hypothesis, even though he has plenty of opinions at other times.fairy water science experiment for kids

When we dropped the sequin shapes in the fairy water, they stayed on the top. The only way they would sink even a little bit was if we stirred them and poked them. So then we tried buttons. The kids looked thru the button box and choose 5 small ones each. We checked in the plain tap water that they would sink. They did. We talked about what would happen in the fairy water. Although the kids thought they would float, I suggested they might be too heavy. We put in all 15 buttons at once.

fairy water science experiment for kids
What a show! The buttons danced up and down and up and down. We watched them for the longest time and checked on them periodically after that. After about 15 minutes, there were fewer bubbles so the sequin shapes would sink a little if we poked them. It took longer for the bubbles to build up enough for the buttons to rise but there was still action.

fairy water science experiment for kids

Simple science activities can be such fun. We’ve added a variation to the raisins to make our own dancing buttons fairy water science experiment. Any suggestions for what we can try next?


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