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Is it Pink Shirt Day in Your Area?

Is it Pink Shirt Day where you live? Have you heard of it? Seven years ago, 2 boys got a group of friends to all wear pink shirts in support of another classmate who was teased and bullied about wearing a pink shirt. When dozens and dozens of kids showed up all wearing pink shirts,Continue Reading

Young Boy, Garbage Truck, and Heart-to-Heart Connection

Every Monday morning, 5-year old Daniel Mulligan, waits on his family’s lawn for the garbage truck. Not surprisingly, he waves. But last Monday morning, instead of driving away, the driver put the truck in park and hopped out with a present for Daniel. In the bag, was a garbage truck for his very own. TheContinue Reading

A Day for Past, Present, and Future for Kids

Different countries in the world today, will be enjoying more than a Monday in February. In the U.S. it is Presidents’ Day; in some parts of Canada, it is Family Day, and everywhere it’s the last week of the Sochi Olympics. But all of these days have something in common, and in a way it’sContinue Reading

The Olympics Grow From PLAY

Millions of people around the world are watching the Olympics and likely, in many countries, their athletes are featured in stories. While the encyclopedia says the roots of the Olympics are from ancient Greece, could it be that the Games begin in PLAY? For athletes, getting to the Olympics has been a journey of hardContinue Reading

Wear Red Day and Other Colors for Olympics

Today is Wear Red Day, reminding us to take care of our hearts as part of good health, and it is also the Opening Ceremony of the 2014 Winter Olympics. That seems to be quite fitting, underlining many important reasons for including sports in our lives and our children’s–physical, mental and emotional. We all knowContinue Reading

Super Bowl Half-Time Can Inspire Child’s Play: Drumming

The Super Bowl half-time show started with a drum solo, and the thousands and thousands of people in the stadium loved it, so did millions of fans watching at home. And why not? Drums use rhythm and our entire lives are spent connected to rhythms. Think of heart beats and breathing rates, day and nightContinue Reading

Dreams, Communities, & MLK Day: Int’l Day of Giving

MLK Day is spreading around the world, honoring the life and legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Martin Luther King asked everyone then, and his words remind each one of us now: Life’s most persistent and urgent question is ‘What are you doing for others?’ The mission and message has gone beyond borders. OnContinue Reading

The Power of Play: Touching Us All

Just recently, two powerful articles have included children and play. We cannot question the value and importance of play. Last week, the dream of a 5 year- old boy came true. Suffering from leukemia, he wanted to play a SuperHero, so dressed as Batkid, he saved Gotham City. More than 20,000 people in the cityContinue Reading

Remembrance/Veterans Day; Even The Bird Is Wearing Red

And the larks, still bravely singing, fly… Today is November 11th, Remembrance Day and Veterans Day. As I watched this bird on our deck, the lines of John McCrae’s poem came to mind. Though it’s not a lark, it seemed to me that even the bird was wearing red. On this day, we honor bothContinue Reading

Explaining Nov. 11 to Children, Remembrance/Veterans Day

Even though November 11th is Monday, there may be ceremonies in some places this weekend to honor Remembrance Day and Veterans Day. Participating in community events is not just part of kindergarten readiness, it’s part of what joins all of us together. Including children where and when appropriate helps support their social awareness and development.Continue Reading

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