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Spring Pretend Play: For the Birds

No, this doesn’t mean that we are pretending it’s spring, although some regions are. How about some pretend play about birds for a spring play-of-the-day?

spring pretend play birdsIn the spring, birds fly back north as the snow line retreats across the continent. The birds build nests, lay eggs, hunt for worms and seeds to feed the babies, and encourage the young to fly away and leave the nest. There’s lots of ways to play being birds and lots of thinking and learning happening too.

spring pretend play birds Making a nest involves a lot of steps. Since it’s like a circle, Sister needed something the same shape. She found a basket (see bottom) and began the tree. The sofa cushion was the tree, and the table cover the branch. A pillow made the nest soft.

Using one object to be something else in play seems simple but it’s a big step in development. For instance, when we read, we use squiggles and lines to represent things. Imaginative play utilizes a great deal of symbolic thought as children use items and pretend.

During play, Sister connected all she knew about birds to her actions. Connecting action and thinking in imaginative play require some skill in making decisions. Kids need to choose what to do and how to do it. Some children are more impulsive than others and some are very hesitant. These are tendencies that kids sort through when they are making choices. In pretend play, even though children are controlling the agenda, they are faced with having to decide. The sitting on the nest part didn’t last long because Sister chose to fly instead.

night of the living dadSpeaking of flying, the dad at Night of the Living Dad made these wonderful wings for his three kids. Pretend play appeals to kids of various ages and allows for different interests. The kids got to choose what kind of wings they wanted. While pretending to fly, both their bodies and their brains got exercise and stimulation.

Can your child stretch wings today with some pretend play for the birds?

March into Fun with Books, Stories, and Activities #16

Pinocchio is not just a puppet, he is a character with a dream. Even though he’s made of wood, he shares many characteristics with kids and adults too. Children do not understand the symbolism of the story but they can relate to the struggles. Figuring out what is fantasy and what is reality isn’t easy. Imaginary and pretend play is an important activity for kids. At your house today, can the puppets come out for some play?Continue Reading

March into Fun with Books, Stories, and Activities #13

The story of Beauty and the Beast and today’s play-of-the-day can help young children deal with the common fear of monsters and scary creatures. After sitting and reading this story, it’s time to get up and move around. Ask your child to walk like a beast or monster. Then, kids can try hopping crawling, jumping, and, if there’s enough space like a whole yard or gym, running like monsters. Monsters can also make very scary faces and check themselves out in the mirror. Children can use toys to be the characters.Continue Reading

Part Nine: To a Child, Love is Spelled T I M E

As parents and caregivers, we especially do not need to be experts when we engage in pretend play with our children, because we can imagine anything we need! Grownups don’t need to be clowns with costumes and make-up to play dress-up with kids. Kids do not need us there all the time, and they should have time to play independently. But we can encourage and support imaginative play by playing with them and not letting worries about not being good enough interfere. After all, doesn’t imagination have no limits? Continue Reading

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