Kindergarten Readiness – Puddle Vocab and Poetry

Yesterday, we walked outside to observe puddles. Today, those same puddles will help kids learn some new vocabulary.
playing in puddles

Were the puddles deep or shallow, big or small, wide or narrow? What other words will tell us about puddles? Splishy and splashy, murky or flashy.

Here’s a poem about puddles:

Rain, rain, falls on the street.
Mud in puddles, cleaning my feet. (by James Horner)
Here’s a wonderful mud poem using some great words:
MUD I like mud. I like it on my clothes. I like it on my fingers.
I like it on my toes. Dirt’s pretty ordinary and dust’s a dud.
For a really good mess up, I like Mud! (by John Smith)

Poetry emphasizes the rhythm of a language and is easy for children to learn and imitate. It exercises memory and brain connections. Just think how easily we can remember “Rain, rain, go away, come  again another day. Rain, rain,  go to Spain, do not show your face again.”

And all this from an ordinary puddle.

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