Kindergarten Readiness – Fridges and Alphabets

I am almost reluctant to remind families about using magnetic letters as a tool to help children learn the alphabet. Even though it has been years and years, I remember one pre-supper ‘arsenic hour’, when I gave my daughter a few letters to amuse her while I worked in the kitchen. Somehow, one of the letters got caught between the door and the fridge, the door didn’t close, swung back open, causing my daughter to lose her balance and fall on her baby brother.  Supper was late. However, magnetic letters are a good resource. Children not only need to learn 26 letters of the alphabet, they really have to learn 52 with both upper close and lower case.  In any case, (deliberate word play) starting off with just upper case letters is easier. Speaking of fridges, what letter of the alphabet is a vegetable? The letter P(ea).


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