Kindergarten Readiness – Alphabet In Our Genes

While finding and remembering a variety of alphabet activities for the daily blog entries I also searched some information and was astounded by the results.

The alphabet is not just for kids. A dance troupe has recreated all the letters of the alphabet in ballet like poses and compiled the photos into a book called Pilobolus, The Human Alphabet. I found an entire blog of different alphabet fonts from bread, pasta, nails and screws to toothpaste.

There are websites devoted to trivia about the alphabet, how many letters are symmetrical, which look the same upside down, etc. The Ultimate Alphabet is a book of 26 works of incredibly detailed art that has a fan base.

Stock traders discuss the Greeks, Greek alphabet letters that signify volatility, change, and functions of time. We all know that fraternities and sororities also use Greek letters as do scientists when they measure brain waves. The ancient Roman and Egyptian alphabets have intrigued us for centuries.alphabet in our genesThe most AmaZing finding is that our very cells have a genetic alphabet. How cool is that! No wonder the alphabet fascinates us, it’s in our very genes.


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