Kindergarten Readiness – May & Michele Borba

Last week, I had the opportunity to hear Michele Borba at a Parents’ Night Out.  Her powerful presentation on Moral Intelligence reminded me that social and emotional skills are an important part of readiness, too. One of the skills that helps children at school is the ability to share. At school there is 1 teacher and two dozen kids. Children really do need to know how to share that lone adult’s attention and time with others. There are limited toys, or at least, a limited number of children that can play with specific toys at a time. Again, sharing and negotiating strategies will help a child. Increased demands are placed on a child at school and coping with all the expectations requires social and emotional support.  This week, I’ll discuss some activities that can help promote the sharing aspect of social and emotional development.  As Michele Borba says,”Sharing is one of the first social skills that kids learn, so it’s also one of the most important.” 

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