Kindergarten Readiness – Once Upon a Share

Lessons on sharing can also come from books. The two previous posts have discussed helping kids learn to share .  “Being told how” lessons are easy to forget. Stories add a dimension of “being part of the action” that is easier to remember. Here’s just a few suggestions. There are many, many children’s books on the topic of sharing. Libraries and bookstores will have more great books and stories suitable for different ages.

The Big Brown Boxby Marisabina Russo, Little T Learns to Share by Terrell Owens, I Want It by Elizabeth Cray, and Sharing is Fun by Joanne Cole. 

 Even the old traditional story of Stone Soup imparts a lesson about sharing, but this time about grownups that learn to share.  Speaking of sharing, do you have any other stories about sharing that have worked for your family?

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