Kindergarten Readiness – Taking Turns

Why does having a turn seem so important and desirable when one is little and the opposite for grown-ups? I wouldn’t mind giving up my turn for countless activities like laundry and meals.  Nevertheless, children need to learn to take turns and have opportunities to develop and practice this skill.  Being able to take turns is important for readiness and for other group situations such as  playdates, preschool, and such unstructured time as playground fun. Taking turns has even been the subject of research, and not just for children.  One study (Schoenhof, et al, 2006) investigated how adults take turns in a traffic congestion game.  Another paper states that “… it serves as a prototype for more general forms of reciprocity.” (Vanderschaaf and Skyrms, 2001) I think, possibly, this means that taking turns is the basis for give and take in relationships. We all experience these situations on an everyday basis.  This week, I’ll go over some activities that will help children learn to take turns as part of getting ready for kindergarten, or as Michele Borba  said in a recent presentation in our area,  joining the human race.


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