Kindergarten Readiness – Songs to Wait By

Music can help children–and adults–cope with many challenges. Waiting is something we all have to do and it helps if little ones have some skills and strategies for waiting. Mr. Rogers has a waiting song as well as Daddy Kooala, Boowa and Kwala but these only have a couple of verses. Sometimes, songs need to go on and on to fill up the wait time. Here’s a version that I use with a call to action, tune Mulberry Bush.

This is how we wait ( in line, wait in line, wait in line. )
This is how we wait in line, (we stand on one foot.)
This is how we wait (for the light, wait for the light, wait for the light.)
This is how we wait for the light, (we count to ten.)  

The part after “how we wait” can be anything: wait to be served, wait for the doctor, wait for the dentist, wait for our lunch, whatever the situation.  The action can be anything, too: we look for something blue, we look for a triangle, we row the boat, we touch our toes, etc. One option can even be “we sing a song” then sing an entirely different one and return to this is how we wait. The song can continue as long as needed, is adaptable and easy to remember. Let the kids suggest some of the actions to keep them involved. When the wait is done, there’s another reason to be glad-the song is over!!


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