Kindergarten Readiness – Games for Waiting

Songs for waiting, stories for waiting, activities for waiting and today some games for waiting. The most recent blog posts have been all about helping children learn skills and strategies for coping with having to wait. Ring around the rosie is a traditional favorite that really young children can do. There is an element of waiting–falling down comes at the last line. Another simple game is Button, button, who’s got the button. Kids can’t tell until there has been at least one guess. Hide  and go seek isanother game that requires kids to wait. Watching children of different ages play these games reveals their development. Children of 2 and 3 fall down aslmost as soon as Rosie starts, blurt out who has the button and give away their own hiding places. By 4 and 5 they are more able to participate in the waiting part of these games. Next week, we’ll look at another aspect of readiness so please do Not wait to send in your ideas and suggestions for helping our kids to learn this important concept. 1,2,3…ready or not…where are you?


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