Kindergarten Readiness – Vacation List

Before heading off on the the family holiday, there are some super fun aspects just in the planning. Activity #1, counting down the days, incorporated math skills. #2, looking at photos and reading about where you are going links meaning and print. #3 tip is making a list.

Talking about what you might need and making a list can be great fun. Are you going somewhere warm? Check with your child if you will need snowpants. Talk about the items that need to be included on the list. Ask some crazy, silly questions mixed in with some sensible ones. Imagine the things you might be doing and what things are important to pack. Will you be skating? Are parachutes a good idea?

There are so many skills involved in just making a list. Planning, organizing, making decisions, comparing, real vs. imagined, making mental images, predicting–and these are only a few. Adding an element of humor to making the list starts the fun right at home. Let’s see, we might need some dragon toys. How about some …?

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