Kindergarten Readiness – Father’s Day

Tomorrow, is Father’s Day.  Several children in my kindergarten class live in a different house than their dad or have minimal contact. Even at this young age some of them have lost their dad. The issue of Father’s day and Father’s day cards and gifts has to be handled with sensitivity, just as Mother’s day does. One little boy, all on his own, made a card and wrote Happy Father’s Day to  Mom. Another student made a card for her godfather. 

Acknowledging all the family groupings in my class with one craft project was a challenge. Each student was asked to draw and color a picture. We framed our creations with pages trimmed with zig-zag scissors.  Then, I laminated them and attached some magnetic tape on the back. Each child now had a Memo board to take home and put on the fridge. If they wished, they could give it to their dads for home or wherever they worked. Memo boards are quite generic, most kids do not attach them particularly to parents, but they are still special enough for children to be proud of them. Because the page would be for writing on, we couldn’t put any writing on the page, so the project did not say Happy Father’s Day.  Phew, we managed to meet the needs of  the kids.

This same idea can be used for children of any age, although for wee little ones, the picture may just be a few lines. It can also be sent in the mail for dads who may be working or posted away from home. Laminating is usually very affordable and can be done at a paper or office store.
Does this answer an issue for your family?

P. S. Do fathers always snore? No, only when they are asleep.

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