Kindergarten Readiness – 2 in 1 Lesson

Yesterday, we went to the beach with the family and other friends. As I was showing a 2 year old some rocks and crabs on the beach, I knew that she wouldn’t remember the ‘lesson’. But with the often repeated activity of an adult sharing some information with her or pointing something out to her she is learning that grown-ups have some learning or experience to share. This itself is a powerful lesson as it prepares the child for something that will happen over and over again at school. Today, to help prepare your child for kindergarten, share some tidbit of information. It can be as simple as saying: all these dishes have the same shape-circles, or: this water is too cold, I’ll add some hot water and then the hot and cold will mix and make warm. It can be pointing out the letters on the sign while riding on the bus or commenting on the weather. Your child needs lots and lots of situations of you sharing information so that s/he has that experience to build on with another adult. 2 for 1 adds up to readiness for school.

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