Kindergarten Readiness – R=Read, Read, Read

Reading to kids is a powerful readiness activity, not just for kindergarten but for life. To quote the American Academy of Pediatrics “…reading stimulates the brain, development of language and a closer emotional relationship with your child.” Some pediatricians even prescribe reading during consultations with new parents. While there are wonderful kids books available, buying them may not fit into the family budget. To build your collection of books, check out garage sales, flea markets and second hand stores. Local libraries sometimes provide library cards to kids. Another concern can be finding time to read. Reading minutes can substitute for waiting minutes. Take a book with you for on the bus or in check-out lines.  Try getting up stories as well as a bedtime ones. Nursery rhymes and fairy tales are other alternatives. My favorite story when growing up was Horton Hatches the Egg.
What ones did you love best? What’s your child’s current most loved book?

P. S.  R is also for radio. This week I had a radio interview on helping children transition back to school. (It’s just over 5 minutes long. I used 3 R’s, reestablish the routine, reconnect with classmates and renew the love of learning. For more details click on the Downloads tab and then Transitions.)       CBC Tue Aug 17 19;18;28 2010

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