Kindergarten Readiness – Z=Zippers

Today’s topic was suggested by the owner of a very popular daycare center. Thank you, Sharon Larkins.  While z is for zippers, it’s also for velcro and elastic and other fastenings that make life easier for little ones. Part of kindergarten readiness is being independent in basic self-care skills. Pants that have tricky zippers make using the restroom more difficult. Shoes with laces are harder to put on and take off than ones with velcro. Plus, velcro also has sound effects. Spending a few minutes checking if your older kidlet child is able to manage dressing, undressing, washing hands, drying, putting on and taking off shoes will help your child feel comfortable and confident. For younger toddlers, these are skills that need practicing. Add some fun with some jokes:  What did the salad say to the fridge? Close the door, please, I’m dressing. Why don’t bears wear socks? Because they like to wear bear feet, or songs: This is the way we put on our shoes, (Mulberry Bush tune), etc. Being able to do things all by one’s very own self is part of being ready for school.  I hope you have enjoyed this month of readiness skills from A to Z. Which ones have you been most helpful for you and your child?

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