Kindergarten Readiness – Thursday & Three

Thursday and three start with the same sound. Plus, Thursday this week is Day 3 of school. Today, then let’s see how many things we can find that have the number 3. In the living room at our house is an antique milk-stool with 3 legs. The roof on our house makes a triangle which has 3 sides, and when we set the table, a knife, fork and spoon make a set of 3.

This is called environmental math and helps kids make the connection between numbers and everyday. Noticing numbers and how we use them helps kids make brain connections and is part of kindergarten readiness. To reinforce the concept of “threeness” do some things in sets of 3: jump 3 times, hop x3 on each foot, take 3 baby steps, 3 giant steps, sing 3 songs, say 3 colors, do 3 jumping jacks, crunch three carrot sticks, eat 3 strawberries.  Wait a minute, I think I heard somebody suggest eating 3 cookies. That wasn’t me, was it you?

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