Kindergarten Readiness- Apple Float or Sink?

Apple activity #4 is a science experiment. Will an apple float or sink?

Use a clear, transparent bowl of water or just run some cool water in the sink. First, talk about (predict) if the apple will float or if it will sink. Next, test your guess (hypothesis) by putting the apple in the water. What happens? Were you surprised by the result? Next, try putting the apple in with the stem pointing down. What happens, now? Point the stem sideways and check again.
Try a different color of apple. Does this make any difference?
Extend the activity by using a banana, or a grape or an orange or some other fruits and veggies. ***Remember, predict first and then find out.
Bobbing for bananas? Going for grapes? Doesn’t seem as much fun as apples.
What do other fruits and veggies do?

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