Kindergarten Readiness – Fall & Ball Rhyme

Anytime is a good time to rhyme but fall and ball are easy, ordinary, everyday words to practice words that rhyme. Rhyming is a skill that is needed for learning to read.  As children learn to manipulate and create with language, one of the abilities they develop–(without any formal teaching on our part!)–is to divide spoken words into parts. Ball becomes ‘buh’ attached to ‘ah’ and ‘ll’ so altogether it is ball. This is called phonological awareness. One of the ways to evaluate if children have developed this skill is if they can identify, and later make, words that rhyme. Do fall and ball sound the same at the end? Do fall and shoe sound the same? How about fall and wall? Think of some other words that rhyme with fall. A fun activity for people small and tall! Even kids that crawl like books with words with the same call.   
Do you fall for this activity at all?

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