Kindergarten Readiness – Halloween Countdown

Now that our calendars have turned to October, kids from all over the continent are anticipating Halloween. From October 1st to October 31st seems like such an awfully  long time. Speaking of time, time is a really a difficult concept to grasp–and not just for kids, some adults are time-challenged, too.

Lots of meaningful experiences help children develop their understanding of time. Counting down to Halloween is one of those experiences with lots of meaning. Find a calendar page of October and count the days with your child until the end of the month. Talk about how each numbered space represents one day and cross one off for today. How may days are left to Halloween, now? Look at how many are left to cross off. The number of days to wait gets less and less as more and more are crossed off. This is highly visual and provides lots of opportunities to talk about time and to practice words such as yesterday, tomorrow, days, month, later and soon. Halloween is also a super time to learn about day time and night time.  Has this been timely for you?

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