Kindergarten Readiness – Halloween Patterns

This week, while buying both groceries and gas, I saw some spooktacular Halloween ideas. Most of them had some kind of pattern. A spider’s web is a very intricate pattern. A window border with ghost, witch, pumpkin, ghost, witch, pumpkin is another kind of pattern–in a sequence. Making patterns is a skill needed for more than kindergarten readiness. Language and math have patterns, as do music, time, nature, writing, and more. Costumes have patterns: animal fur patterns, clown polka dots, stripes of black and white, orange and white, or other colors. Some flashing lights are in a regular sequence pattern.

Using some very inexpensive dollar store items, kids can make their own patterns. I bought a bag of different color skeletons and a bag of small jack-o-lanterns. Here’s a simple AB, AB sequence: skeleton, pumpkin, skeleton, pumpkin. An ABC sequence was easy: green skeleton, white skeleton, orange skeleton, green, white, orange, etc. The pattern sequences can be as easy or as complicated as your child can handle. The items and the activity are both appealing to kids making for a double treat.
Does this shake your bones? What’s your favorite pattern?

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