Kindergarten Readiness – Halloween Craft

Ahh…ahh…ahh…boo!  Instead of  using a tissue for a sneeze, use it for a craft. Roll one tissue (or a bit of waste paper) into a tight ball about the size of a grape, drape a second tissue over the first and pinch it to make a neck. Wrap a twist tie around the neck and spread out the ends to be arms. Dot on a scary face and as quick as that, there is a ghost.

This simple craft can be used for all kinds of learning. We can start with language. What are some words that tell about ghosts? white, invisible, spooky, scary. How does a ghost move? flies, flits, sneaks, floats. What are some other words: appears, disappears, moans, groans, spooky. What do ghosts do? scare, frighten, haunt.

Those are lots of words. Young children won’t use them but will understand them on a general level. Think of words as treats you are putting into your child’s language treat bag. The fuller, the better and not just for kindergarten readiness.  What’s a ghost favorite treat? Booberries and I-scream.

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