Kindergarten Readiness – Begins at Home

This month is November or, using the play on words, Knowvember. To date, with help as needed, children have colored a picture of themselves, written their name, traced a hand and foot, colored their hair, eyes and a cake with candles for their age. These little “All About Me” books are growing just like they are. At the same time, this project promotes kindergarten readiness. Kids are learning that things written down have meaning. More importantly, they are learning about themselves which is part of social and emotional development. Onto page 7.

This is my house.

The next page is your child’s drawing of home. Talk about the shapes your child is making, the kinds of lines, and the colors needed. What color is your door? Are there numbers on it? This uses lots of vocabulary and language. Once children have finished, adults can print: This is a picture of my home.  

As an extension activity, look thru some old National Geographic magazines for pictures of houses and homes. Walk around the area and look at the houses. Are some like yours? Are some different? Build some homes with blocks, Lego, cereal or shoe boxes, or even with kitchen chairs put in a square and topped off with a safe roof. Such imaginative play is essential to children’s development and kindergarten readiness. You will be amazed at the complex language, negotiating, and problem solving that occurs when children play.

Q. If the red house is on the left side of the street and the blue house is on the right side, where is the white house? A. In Washington DC.  Where is your house?

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