Kindergarten Readiness – Kids’ “All About Me” Book

Family, Friends and Cat

In some areas, asking children to write their name is part of evaluating their kindergarten readiness. Names are often the first words that children write and read by themselves, especially the names of other family members and close playmates. To help children write names you can copy them out in large letters and have your child trace over them. Your child may be able to copy the letters underneath yours or print them on another piece of paper. 

For another page in your child’s All About Me book, ask kids to draw a picture of the family and friends and print the names. Or you may be able to take photos and print them out for labelling. This is a tremendously motivating activity for encouraging writing, especially for little ones that have little interest in paper and pencil activities. It’s quite meaningful for a child to print out Mom or Dad or the name of a special friend and it helps to encourage kindergarten readiness. Has doing these pages been meaningful for you?
(For other page ideas, see the preceding posts.)

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