Kindergarten Readiness – Christmas Books & Stories

Once upon a Christmas time...

‘Twas the night before Christmas when all through the house, the whole family was reading even the  mouse….Reading books and sharing stories is  the most valuable of all kindergarten readiness activities. A few reasons are language, imagination, visualizing, attention, concentration, sequencing, letter and sound knowledge and more. Words are our vehicle for learning. (Plus, it’s lifelong. Just yesterday my mom talked to me about a new book at the club at the seniors’ center.) 

The stores all have selections of special kids’ books for those who celebrate Christmas and for families of other cultures and religions. The gift isn’t the book, it’s the reading and the magic of relationships. Are the kids nestled all snug in their beds? What will you be reading tonight?

Q. What Christmas carol is parents’ favorite? A. Silent Night

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