Kindergarten Readiness – Dress-Up Play

Weekends sometimes have a bit more time for fun than weekdays. This month, since it’s ‘valentine month’ I’ve been writing about social and emotional development as part of kindergarten readiness. Just today, I read an article from Berkeley County:  “Our big thing in pre-k is social and emotional development to get these children ready for kindergarten,” said Michelle Martin, director of pre-k programs. “We’re not all about teaching ABCs or colors and numbers.”

A weekend fun activity to help with social and emotional readiness is to play dress-up. Almost as soon as little ones walk, they like to put on mom’s or dad’s shoes. Dig out some shoes or sandals (ones that are fairly flat are easier), maybe a couple big t-shirts and a hat or two and add in lots of imagination. Pretending they are different people helps children become aware of other peoples’ point of view. They begin to relate to others and develop empathy. When dressing-up children are exploring their own, and others, identity. Kindergarten readiness comes in all different styles! Does this sound like a fun weekend activity for you and your kids?

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