Kindergarten Readiness – Spring and Growing

Spring is the season for new growth. What kinds of things grow? When my daughter was quite young, she noticed that some of her clothes didn’t fit her anymore. She thought that her clothes were somehow alive and that they were growing smaller. Kids have lots of things to figure out, especially when so many words have more than one meaning. Somehow though, kids seem to have the idea that seeds are for growing.

Where can we find seeds? Some easy sources are oranges, apples, cucumbers, peppers, tomatoes and other fruits. Yes, these are fruits–the part of a plant that has seeds is the fruit. Mangoes and avocados and peaches have wonderful big seeds. Other sources include some breads that have seeds. Some easy science learnings are that seeds have different shapes, sizes and colors. Some we can eat, like pumpkin and sunflower, and some we can’t.
Observing is a science and kindergarten readiness skill that children can practice right at home. The book A Seed is a Promise by Claire Merrill is a wonderful story about the magic inside a seed. Seeds, plants and growing are popular topics for children’s books. Can you recommend some other titles?

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