Readiness for Kindergarten – April Fool’s Fun For Kids

Writing that today can help kids and families with readiness for kindergarten isn’t an April Fool’s joke. There are tons of ways and I’ll show you a few. Today is devoted to humor. A sense of humor is actually a complicated series of thinking skills–recognizing intention, realizing something is irregular and understanding symbolism–and corresponding emotional responses. It is something that kids develop and need to practice. Playing a trick on someone will require planning and organizing. Your child will also need to predict someone else’s behaviour and reaction. And, of course, imagination. In addition, the event needs to be shared and helps children bond and form community, important social skills. These are all kindergarten readiness skills.

What are some simple. little ideas for April Fool’s? Mixing up the shoes at the door, adding a small toy to a lunch bag, putting the teapot on the table with no tea, (***please, please do not put coffee in the teapot; it leaves a funny taste for ever so long***), switching the inner bags of 2 kinds of cereal, etc. Turning a shirt around, putting a tie on backwards, wearing a sweater inside out are jokes to play on ourselves to  trick others. Another key element is the sense of play. Go bananas and enjoy the day! What tricks will you play?

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