Readiness for Kindergarten – Mr. Sandman

While working on today’s blog, I couldn’t help but notice Goggle’s pictures of Roger Hargreaves’ Mr. Men books. The librarian at school said the Mr. Men and Little Miss books are very popular and often taken out. They reminded me of another Mr. that fits right in with the theme of using the sandbox for lots of kindergarten readiness learnings–Mr. Sandman.

The legend of the Sandman is that he creeps quietly up to children in bed and sprinkles magical sand into their eyes so that they have good dreams. Sometimes, when we wake up we see the evidence of Mr. Sandman underneath the corners of our eyes.

Sharing books and stories with little ones is a powerful activity for all kinds of language learning. Here’s a wonderful Sandman book by Ralph Fletcher and Richard Cowdrey that you can share with your child for both wonderful dreams and readiness for kindergarten. Sweet dreams!

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