Readiness for Kindergarten – Water Play & Learn

Thomas Berry, in his book The Dream of the Earth, said “Teaching children about the natural world should be seen as one of the most important events in their lives.” At the World Forum in Early Care and Education that I was able to attend at the beginning of the month, helping children feel connected to nature was one of the major themes.  Being the start of the weekend (and a long weekend in Canada) it’s a great time to do just that, connect to nature.

Since the focus of recent blogs has been about using water play for learning and kindergarten readiness, that’s an idea for the weekend. Even puddles of water can be a threat to kids and increase the need for careful and responsible supervision.  With that in place, there’s lots of opportunities for fun and learning. Some regions may be warm enough to explore the water at the beach. A lake or pond is a great place for some discovery time. Streams and creeks are another alternative for nature adventures.  

It is vitally important that our children develop a healthy connection to nature. The present may be readiness for kindergarten; the future is critical decisions that affect our natural world.  
What ways can you encourage your child to connect to nature this weekend?

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