Readiness for Kindergarten – Camping and Kids

This weekend is a double long weekend with a Friday, July 1 holiday for Canada Day and a Monday, July 4 holiday in the US. 2 great reasons to go camping and that’s just what many families are doing. Did you know that kindergarten readiness is like camping?

Lots of times, as teachers, we hear that schools need to be ready for kids, instead of kids ready for school. But it isn’t a question of one versus the other. Yes, schools have a responsibility to accept children at their developmental level. And–children who are  prepared for school have better results. Now, to compare this to camping…..

Families have to take the weather as it comes. But those who have prepared for it with warm jackets and boots or hats and sunscreen will have a better time. Think of all the other preparations, too: food, clothing, tents, maps, reservations, etc. Sometimes it’s okay to be spontaneous and just hit the road but most of the time it’s important to plan and take care of the details. It’s like that with readiness for kindergarten, too. These ‘details’ would include reading books, talking, playing and working together, and more. Best of all, just small minutes a day will add up to big results. For the next blog series, join me for some quick ideas on kindergarten readiness and camping–camping not needed, these ideas will work anywhere !! Let’s hit the trail….(book by Cecelia Dinio-Durkin & Peter Durkin)

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