Readiness for Kindergarten – Camping is for Sharing

Social and emotional development is a key part of kindergarten readiness. There’s all kinds of social learnings that happen for little ones before starting school. Once there, there are more social demands. One of the very first social skills for kids is being able to share. Sharing isn’t easy for little ones and, both at home and at school, we hear lots of “that’s mine!” After all, they may not understand that sharing is only for a little while, not forever. Sometimes, it doesn’t seem very equal. But like other skills sharing becomes easier with practice, (given that the situation is reasonable and fair).

Camping is a great time to practice sharing. Space is limited so everyone needs to share the tent or camper. Plus, families have to share the campgrounds with others, too. Essentials, such as flashlights, have to shared with everybody. Jobs need to be shared, such as drying the dishes, stacking the firewood, carrying bags to the car. There’s lots of things to share when camping…except mosquitoes! Q. What is a mosquito’s favorite sport? A. Skin diving.

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