Readiness for Kindergarten – Camping, Kids and Science

Camping and kids definitely go together, and science, too. If you’ll pardon the pun, science is a natural when camping. There are so many things to explore and discover, so much to see and wonder about. Kindergarten readiness means helping kids develop an eagerness for questioning and learning.

Whether you areĀ  in camping out in nature or at home in a city all you will need for some science fun is a patch of nature. Check it out with your child. What do you see? Are some things alive? Are there things that move or just stay still? There will be things that belong to the plant group and maybe some things that go in animals. What kind of colors and shapes are there? In this patch, what things are growing? What is there to see around the area?

Observing is a readiness for kindergarten skill. Some others are making groups, categorizing, listening, expanding vocabulary and more. By attaching learning on to kids’ enthusiasm and natural curiosity we make it fun and meaningful and promote a deep connection to the natural world. What kind of learning do you see?

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